Always Coca-Cola at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Coca-Cola and Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Released in grocery stores during 1998, this 6 pack of glass bottles was sold as a commemorative edition set.  The pictures were taken in May 2018 of these 20 year old bottles, with the Coke still inside.  The packaging featured the full Animal Kingdom logo and slogan “A New Species of Theme Park”.  “Inaugural Year” and “Commemorative Edition” are clearly labeled on the package.  The bottles themselves also have the same printing minus the logo and “Inaugural Year”.

1998 Bottled Coke - Disney's Animal Kingdom Inaugural Year
1998 Coca-Cola and A New Species of Theme Park

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Original FastPass System

FastPass at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

FastPass Donald Pin
FastPass Donald Pin
Safari FastPass Distribution Signs
Safari FastPass Distribution Signs

Pre-FastPass Testing

Before FastPass+, there was the original FastPass.  Starting as early as 1998, a manual system (prior to the FastPass system everybody is familiar with) was used to test the concept at the Discovery Riverboats.  In this case, randomly selected guests approaching the queue line would be given a return card with hand written information filled out regarding when they could return.  This card was similar to the attraction re-admittance card.
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Disney’s Animal Kingom Atlas Map Pin

Disney's Animal Kingdom Pin Map
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pin Map


Pin Trading Atlas Map Set

There have been hundreds of Animal Kingdom related trading pins that have come out over the years.  An early Cast Member exclusive series, the Atlas set, was released in 2001.  This set was exclusive to Cast Members and limited to an edition size of 3,000.  Each park map was broken up in a number of pins, which together formed the entire map.  Each pin featured a pin on pin highlighting a major attraction of building of that area. Read More