20th Anniversary

Twenty Years

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 20 years, while at the same time so much has changed that I would be surprised if it wasn’t.  My history with the park started a few months before opening, working as part of the opening crew via Disney’s College Program.  It should be no surprise that I operated the Discovery Riverboats from park opening until mid-August 2018.  Alas, the attraction is no longer, having undergone a series of changes starting before the official opening and last until late 1999.  However, those details are a story for another time.  It’s taken me 20 years to finally begin posting about the park, and therefore I will share a series of pictures reflecting what was then and what is now.  Enjoy!

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Tree of Life hasn’t grown an inch in 20 years

During the day, the intricate artwork of the animal impressions in the tree continue to be a marvel to admire.  At evening and into the night, a projection show has given additional life to this icon.  Aside from the projections, the tree itself and the show inside (It’s Tough to be a Bug!) has not changed.  In the opening year, identifying and counting the carvings from the Upcountry Landing area helped guests pass time while waiting for a round on the Discovery Riverboats.  While the many trees and plant life around the Tree of Life have filled in, the tree itself has not grown an inch 🙂

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