Disney’s Animal Kingom Atlas Map Pin

Disney's Animal Kingdom Pin Map
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pin Map


Pin Trading Atlas Map Set

There have been hundreds of Animal Kingdom related trading pins that have come out over the years.  An early Cast Member exclusive series, the Atlas set, was released in 2001.  This set was exclusive to Cast Members and limited to an edition size of 3,000.  Each park map was broken up in a number of pins, which together formed the entire map.  Each pin featured a pin on pin highlighting a major attraction of building of that area.

As the map was based on the park at the time of 2001, there are a number of areas that have changed:

  • Camp Minnie Mickey – Featured Festival of the Lion King.  Not only has the Lion King show moved to a different home in Africa, but the land has completely transformed into Pandora / Avatar.
  • Dinoland – The Dinosaur Jubilee can be seen prior to the transformation into Dino-Rama!  Theater in the Wild has now been replaced with the air conditioned Finding Nemo – The Musical.  Oddly enough, Theater in the Wild is the pin on pin rather than Dinosaur.
  • Asia Pin / Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Oddly enough, this pin contains both Asia and Rafiki’s Planet Watch (Conservation Station).  Without Expedition Everest yet added, Kali River Rapids was the highlight and only full attraction of the area.
  • Africa Pin – The primary buildings of Harambe containing Tusker House represents the pin on pin.
  • Discover Island (Safari Village) / Oasis – Similar to the Asia pin, this pin shares 2 lands on a single pin along with the main entrance.

Actual Map from 2001

Disney's Animal Kingdom 2001 Map
DAK Map 2001
Disney's Animal Kingdom 2001 Map Cover
DAK 2001 Map Cover

In this picture you can do a direct comparison of the actual 2001 map to the pin set.  Aside from the exaggerated pin on pin elements, the pin set is a fairly accurate representation of the map itself.


Pin 5 of 5 – Discover Island / Oasis

DAK Map Pin 5 of 5 Discovery Island + Oasis
Pin 5 of 5

On the back of each pin the series name “Atlas Series” is printed along with the number within the series (8 of 12 is listed for all of the DAK pins).   The number for each pin within the 5 DAK pins is listed as:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia / Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  3. Camp Minnie Mickey
  4. Dinoland
  5. Discovery Island / Oasis

DAK Map Pin 5 of 5 Discovery Island + Oasis Back